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assembled metal sculpture

22”(h) x 12”(w) x 7”(d)


IMG_6513 2.heic

MODEL_1121 is simultaneously both futuristic and retro, reflecting on the aging of mechanical technology and the vestigial artifacts it leaves behind.


It’s human-like form makes it easy to project a personality onto, giving it an endearing and sentimental character with both childlike and geriatric qualities. It projects a wistful yearning to be active and relevant, but also a melancholy of being relegated to a marginalized status of obsolescence.

The piece is primarily made of reclaimed metal parts, using components made from steel, aluminum, iron, copper and brass. It was assembled with traditional trade methods, including nuts, bolts, screws and solder. 

Part of the ARTIFACTS series.


Blue Door Gallery (2021)

YOHO Open Studios (2019)

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