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digital collage triptych


Driveway_01.25.49 is a triptych “temporal collage” that composites images from amateur home movies shot between the 1930’s and the 1980’s in to three frames to present a series of moments related in time.


Each frame of the triptych is made by taking images from several different films and juxtaposing them to create a relationship and form a scene. Because movies usually shoot at 24 frames per second, the images on a strip of film form a continuum which allows me to choose the same element for each frame of the triptych, but present different images of it as it changes over time. This temporal dynamic connects the frames and gives the triptych a continuity and narrative arch. The images of Driveway_01.25.49 take place approximately one second apart.


This series explores the cultural idea of the home movie and the context of American life in the times the films were taken. The shooting of these films was a difficult, expensive and time-consuming process; a person had to learn the technology, spend money on a camera and film, compose an adequately lit shot, send the film to the lab, get a projector and screen, assemble an audience in a dark room and show the movie. This arduous process required some effort, as it was slow, expensive and involved a certain degree of technical knowledge. In this series, I attempt to understand and present an insight as to what was important enough to warrant an amateur cinematographer to shoot something and examine the social context of the times in which those films were taken.



Blue Door Gallery (2013)

Urban Studio Unbound (2018)

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