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an interactive documentary



An Interactive Documentary and Self-Guided Experiential Tour of Lost Landmarks

East Village Echos is built on first-person accounts of the once thriving live music scene of NYC’s East Village. Its archival activism serves as a cautionary tale told in an effort to preserve the cultural history and importance of the area’s legendary music venues and popular space that are now closed due to the pressures of gentrification, rising rents and commercial development.


There was a time in history when New York City’s East Village was the epicenter of cutting edge artistic expression, especially for alternative music. However, the live music venues became a victim of their own popularity when the crowds they brought into the neighborhood were followed by gentrification and real estate developers. However, the energy and vitality dissipated as rising rents caused venues to close and forced the people who were a driving force in the scene out of the neighborhood and scattered them throughout the city and beyond. This resulted in the concentration of creativity being diminished and the music scene there to wither and fade. This project preserves personal stories from that community that otherwise might be lost.


The project incorporates oral histories, an interactive map for self-guided tours and random access to site-specific information, Spotify playlists of some of the music that came from the area and tools for people to share their own stories. 

STEP 1 - Check out this video introduction:

STEP 2 - Click on the interactive map below to check out some of the great East Village venues that are no longer there.


STEP 3 - Take a walking tour and make sure to bring along some of the music from the playlists below that used to fill the neighborhood.


Here are some Spotify playlists of music connected to the area:

CBGB: The Best Of

New York Punk

Punk! at CDBG 70's/80's

The Complete History of CBGBs

70s American Punk/NYC Punk Rock/CBGB

The Ultimate CBGB Playlist

Walking The East Village

NYHC (New York Hardcore)

NYHC Classics

It's 1993 in NYC...

New York Noise

Green Door Doc

New York City Indie Rock Scene (2000's)

Meet Me In The Bathroom (Sound of NYC early 2000's)

(If you like what you hear streaming, please support the bands by buying their music)

STEP 4 - Do you have memories of the East Village music scene that you'd like to share?

Call us to record your stories over the phone at (646) 979-8895


Email your photos and scans to 

STEP 5 - If you want more, check these sites out:

The East Village Eye Archive

Village Preservation Historic Image Archive

Bowery Boys History

Howl Arts / Howl Archive

EV Grieve

Flaming Pablum

Shake Some Action: The NYC Garage Punk Scene Archive Project

ArtForum: "Timeline of the East Village 1979-1989"

TimeOut: "Photos of the East Village in the 1980s"

NYT: "The East Village, in the 1980s and Looking Back"

NYT: "The East Village, Home of Punks and Poets"

Vulture: "Down and out in New York City’s 1980s hardcore scene"

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